Sunday 15 January 2023

वो समंदर का किनारा…

वो समंदर का किनारावो लहरों से बातें
दूसरे छोर पे धरा से मिलन को वो वादे,

वो हर आती लहर को देख के भाग जाना
और जाती लहर में महसूस करना रेत का सरकना
फिर उसी रेत पर ख़्वाबो केपरियों के टीलों को घड़ना,
और अगली लहर को समर्पित उन टीलों को करना

अपने ही कदमों के चिन्हों पर चलना,
भीगे किनारों पर सीपियों को इकट्ठा करना,
वो किनारों पर किरणों का छन के बिखरना,
वो बढ़ती घटती लहरों संग दिल का धड़कना,

वो बचपन का दौर याद आता है मुझको
ये सब देख केअपने बच्चों की हरकतों में,

आओ चल-चले हम उसी दौर में,
जहां बस ऐसा ही एक समाँ हो,
ख़ुशियों काख़्वाबों काखूबसूरत जहां हो,
ना कल की फ़िकर होना कल का ज़िकर हो,
अभी मेंआज मेंजीने की बस ग़रज़ हो,
आओ चल चले हम उसी दौर में फिर ।।।

Sunday 13 September 2020

वो आसमान का तारा


आज फिर एक सितारा हमारे बीच से उठ कर आसमान का हो गया,

वो तो जगमगा उठा

अपना बहुत कुछ खो गया,

हाँप्रकाश है उसका यहाँ

और ऊपर से भी छलक रहा,

कह रहा देखो इसे

इसी में मिलेगा रास्ता नयाहौसला बढ़ा,

चातक की तरह मैं आसमान को देखता रहा,

कि बरस जाए शायदतो समेट लूँ तुझे जी भर के,

इस पल के लिए , उम्र भर के लिये |||

Friday 11 September 2020

Sky and I

I often get lost in the beauty of sky. How beautifully God paints his own canvas, carefree clouds scattered everywhere, peeping sunlight here and there... quiet dark nights and gleaming moon... make my heart always swoon...

And each time I see the fiery Sun kissing the sky before setting in, or sprawling night taking over, these thoughts usher in...

As the Sun sets,
pierces through the clouds it’s ray...
To embrace the sky one more time before calling off the day...
setting ablaze whatever comes in it’s way...

Soon the quiet night slipped in..
Hovering clouds in the sky reined...
Birds slowing gliding far away...
City lights paving the deserted ways...

And as I gaze sky these days..
Ma’s memories make their ways...
Her love for nature n sky azure...
Unfettered spirits n love so pure...
Zest for life n emotions uproar...
Yet simplicity n acceptance, no abhor..
Countless moments creep in …
As I let this Welkin beauty sink in...

Wednesday 8 May 2019

Age Old Indoor Games...

S vacations were on… and I was not well… didn’t have the energy to go outdoors with him for playing/cycling or play at home bat ball etc…
Then I opened his one of the birthday gifts Ludo cum Carom board.
I always underestimated that game for his age and hence procrastinated opening it for him.
But to my surprise, S simply loved it. I found out that age old games have multiple benefits. And yes, thankfully these games give kids and our anxieties break from that monotonous cartoon channels and touch screen games.
Let me start with Ludo. It is a game in which the players race their four tokens from start to finish according to dice rolls. I see now S can read the number of dots on the dice so quickly that which number turned up on rolling it. And then how many steps to take on board to attain that required number. And when you are close to reaching your destination (so called ‘House’), you can actually reverse count on how many steps you need to reach the goal. Also when you get 6, you know you have one more chance to roll up the dice and you add up both numbers to take the required steps.
So its not just the game of rolling and taking steps… but also some minimal maths is involved in it.
And the best part of carrom is grandparents can gleefully participate in these games tirelessly.
CaromThen comes Carom, where you have to strike the wooden coins to any of the four pocket holes using a striker. Though kids are a little young for the perfect game but still it instills some thought process in their tiny brains on which coin to aim for, which pocket hole to target and how to strike and at which angle for hitting the correct shot. And then the fun of finally counting out your coins you have pocketed.
Next to my list is Cards. They come with numbers, few alphabets (J, Q, K, A) and then symbols distinguishing spades, hearts, clubs and diamonds. For kids, you can start with basic game of card on card with same number/alphabet. S actually notices which number is running actually and what he needs to get the set. And at times, mischievously pull that card from his set to win the game.
All these games come with advantages of varied colors to bring more interest and charm to the game. And mostly you don’t need to buy these games. They are either already there from your childhood times or would have come to you through birthday gifts. And easily available at your grandparents house as they would treasure it as your childhood memory.
And for me, it is a life saver, you can even play these games laying down when you are out of energy and participate wholeheartedly in these games.
Definitely, there are more indoor games like some art-n-craft activity, painting and coloring, block building etc. I just want to bring attention to these age old indoor games which even we used to play in our times, but somehow I see less of these games down the line. Probably coz we have underestimated its usage or more advanced flashy games have caught kids attention.
Just try to bring back the charm of these games, pull it out and watch the wonders…
Originally posted on Parentous by me.

Tuesday 12 March 2019

Wish for a wish...

With the latest advent of technology, miles away seems to have cut down.... Long-lost friends, relatives whom we last met in school days, our ex-colleagues, all are just a ping/status/buzz away... Now we have liberty to wish them on their anniversaries, birthdays and what not. Thanks to all the social media platforms which keep on reminding us. To top it up, few of them give us a ready-made message with photo already embedded in it, just a click away.

But few modus operandi of these wishes make me ponder.

How about wishing your own child or niece/nephew who just turned an year or a month old, who doesn't even have access to PC or phone, forget about the social media platform. Or wishing your granny of her long living age/ of her golden or platinum jubilee, who wants your time more and these e-wishes less. Are we truly wishing them or just telling the world that we love them or are we just giving away reminders to everyone. Wishing people who have access to these platforms makes sense but why to those people who barely know or need all this stuff.

Interestingly many a times, when you wish someone on these platforms, you tend to post their pictures along-with your classy ones. And not just one but several of them. :) Are we making their day or our own day? Are we attracting all the likes and comments for them or for us?

These days it's too easy to getaway by just dropping a wish on family or school or friends group instead of actually calling that person. At times coz you don't feel close enough to that person (makes sense) or you are honestly tied up with something but mostly for the heck of it. Why to give so much attention or importance to that person that you got to spend your precious 5 minutes talking. Really? Try dialing once and you will feel the difference by just listening to the surprised happy cheerful voice from the other side.

Wish has to be hearty and honest.
Has to come out with the intent of making at least the person smile.
Has to be meaningful to them.

This is my wish for a wish.

These thoughts are purely mine. Few of you might have different opinion or perspective to it. More than willing to hear your say(wearing helmet). :) It just what I observed and drooled out on this post.

Happy-Hearty Reading !!! :)

Wednesday 16 April 2014

Old Forgotten Lanes...

With more society/apartment culture peeping in…(which no doubt I vouch for any day)….there are few things I miss…

S’s holidays were on…so I thought to make a visit to his granny’s place…who stay in a independent house…few things picked my attention…

Balloon seller crossed by…..whistling his paper whistles while crossing each of the lanes…and for a moment I thought…ahhh S would run for it….but he did not noticed/paid attention to his movement…as he hasn’t seen it much apart from his friend’s birthday parties.

Also….the popcorn seller who pops the corn kernels/peanuts/chickpeas in front of u in his large deep pan in sand (and the aroma it brings)… As he arrives, he bangs his big knife on his big pan to catch-hold your attention…making sounds ‘tan tan tan’… you have choice for your ears or your nose to react first…

Then at times, jhoolawala dragging microversion of giant wheel to lure kids for joyride at their doorstep. I remember how we used to plead for one rupee coin daily for this ride and how many games we invented sitting within our swing seat (don’t u believe…eg: leaving slipper on floor in first round…and picking it in next…and then another game is catching things across our swing seats…)… And demanding the vendor, “bhaiya..aur tez…aur tez…” as he is the one who swayed the swings.

And lastly what comes to my mind is the drool-worthy golawala (crushed ice lolly)…and the variety of colors one can choose to pour upon them….and after effect of the colored flavoured tongues…

Not that you never sight these things….all these local vendors are still visible in fairs, in tent-based functions, and in local festivity markets, outside some schools…but kids waiting for these vendors daily on a particular time is something else. And with increasing apartment culture, more of gates communities, and our over-protective selves (which undoubtedly is the need of the hour)… these things are slowing fading away or drifting far from big cities to smaller towns.

I have grown up with these luxuries (for kids, truly they are) around, and I try to give it to S too whenever possible, be it for 4-5 days…and leave it for him to remember it for long to brag to his tiny friends or let it be a faded memory….

I’m sure you have your own tales of your childhood times, your special memories, items you bought from your piggy-bank  …

I’m just an ear away….

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Wednesday 12 March 2014

Kids and Viral Season...

This year winters have been the most unpredictable of all times as far as I remember. Donno how many times I’ve washed the jackets, blankets et al thinking ‘Done for this year, let’s pack for next year’ and took the stuff out the very next day…..And the main in this uncanny weather is kids… their throats, nose, chest goes for the toss…. Infections, congestions, flu and what not. Probably best time for medical business (pediatrics) to flourish. ;)

My son, S has always been the easy target for changing winds. Just an exposure to the gust of wind and here he catches the congestion... Like all other mothers, I ponder why only him. But believe me, all moms think alike in viral season. I go with loads of questions to doctor. And even before I download my wave of concerns, he is already ready with his list of medicines. As if his pen turned automatic writing the same set of prescriptions since morning. And most of the times, I know what he is going to prescribe, still I visit him to be doubly sure.

With each passing viral season, my knowledge set of medicines increases. (Which new cough syrup is effective or is most recommended, which salt/antibiotic is being prescribed these days). So is the home remedy list passed on by other moms and through internet. Sharing here a few of them:-

  • Spoonful of Ginger honey paste/ turmeric-honey-black salt paste to be given after every few hours. Few people also try Nutmeg (jaiphal) and honey paste.
  • Heat mustard oil and diced garlic cloves and carom seeds (ajwain) together. Massage with this oil at night when kids are about to sleep.
  • Plenty of warm fluids like soups (better to rely on homemade ones), tea/warm milk (preferably toned milk in cough), lukewarm water for general water intake.
  • Give them raisins or currants (munakka) or some cough lozenges so that their throats remain wet.
  • Best is if kids can blow out the mucus from nose but of not possible, at least to breathe easily, use saline water nasal drops.
  • You may surprise your kids with handful of dry fruits in their tiffin box (but then this depends on if kids like dry fruits, at least try out once).
With this entire list, I’m not saying it works in all the cases. At times, considering the severity, we have to switch to antibiotics/nebulisation, but all these home remedies can aid in getting results faster.

On each foggy/windy/rainy day I think whether to send S to school or not, whether to brave our noses to cut through the odd weather, but as discussed with teachers and other moms, classrooms are pretty packed and warm, so we can make sure of their safe and covered to-n-fro from school, then here you go… I mostly skip S’s school in cases of fever or extreme cough n cold. Also I skip his morning milk and replace it with ginger tea (with more milk and less water) if S is coughing.

These are few of my takes and steps in viral seasons. What’s your take on the viral season especially this year’s one? And which home remedies/medicines you follow? I’m just an ear away. 

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वो समंदर का किनारा…

वो   समंदर   का   किनारा ,  वो   लहरों   से   बातें ,  दूसरे   छोर   पे   धरा   से   मिलन   को   वो   वादे , वो   हर   आती   लहर   को   देख ...